The Book «Revelation» - The Civilization of Consumption
Author: Denis Karasev
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Author’s Note

Life is a path. And this is the road that each of us, without exception, must travel. What will this path be like? Will it be eventful, full of discoveries and new knowledge, or dull and gray? That depends on us and nobody else.

Choosing such a path is a fundamental decision in life. So how can we avoid making a mistake? Most people believe that when choosing a particular direction, we have to be extremely careful and approach this choice very seriously, aligning ourselves first of all with society, existing moral codes and standards, established concepts of growth and success, opinions of those close to us, and, of course, with the cumulative experience and knowledge of generations past.

I’m afraid this is complete nonsense! The experience and knowledge accumulated by our ancestors, moral codes and guidelines, society and circumstances—all that has nothing to do with choosing your own path. All this is garbage and can be safely discarded when it’s time to determine your life’s path.

The only thing that truly matters at that point is your self-identity.

Who am I? Who I am is the only factor that matters. The answer to this question is crucial. It is like the light in the dark that keeps us on our path throughout life. Self-determination, self-awareness—that’s what is really important, and that alone determines our choice. A person who has found themselves, who knows why they came to this world, is a person who has found their happiness, the light that illuminates their path.

However, not everyone is always lucky enough to find themselves and their true purpose in life. It takes years for some to figure out who they are; others spend their whole life and still don’t find the answer. Getting to know yourself and the resultant self-determination can make our life an amazing journey filled with meaning. Understanding ourselves and our purpose determines everything in our life—our occupation, the people who will be around us, the goals we will set for ourselves, and of course, it will determine the results we will eventually achieve.

On the contrary, not having the answers to the questions of “Who am I?” and “Why I am here?” makes our path wander in the dark, we feel there is something around us but don’t understand where we are, who we are and what we are doing there. And there is no one in the world, not a single soul, except us, who has the right answer to this question. But ever since a young age, we’ve always been pushed and pulled in one direction or another. We’ve always been told that our goal is to ensure the continuation of the family line, build a successful career, make scientific breakthroughs, achieve success, become an outstanding lawyer, doctor, major politician, or a famous director. People always have lots of opinions on what we should do with our lives, and they are very happy to share those with us, sincerely believing they know better.

Also, many people were brought up with the idea that our life path has already been predetermined by someone, and our purpose is to simply walk this path with humility and gratefully accept whatever life deals us. In return, we will receive various benefits like eternal happiness and endless pleasures, but that will happen in the afterlife. In actual fact, all these ideas and attitudes are no more than myths and patterns imposed on us to lead us astray from our true path, to prevent us from finding and fulfilling our purpose in life. There are lots of such myths and legends around. Moreover, the way we waste our life when we don’t choose our path—oh yes, we waste it instead of living it—turns our whole life into one huge, never-ending myth. That is, into a story that was not written by us but embedded in our minds with only one purpose—to keep us from waking up. We are diligently and persistently trained to perfectly play that role in life that was written especially for us and never realize that the main character of the play entitled My Life is us, ourselves, and only we must choose who we are and where we are going.

This book is a wake-up call designed to awaken us from deep sleep and hallucinations that are part and parcel of life for almost all of us. What you are going to read in this book will allow you to wake up your consciousness and help you understand why we came to this world. The main and, in fact, the only purpose with which this book was written is to destroy those legends and myths, to break the usual stereotypes and patterns that lead us astray from the right direction. I wrote this book to help shake up your dormant Self. Understanding your individual Self will give you the opportunity to unmistakably choose your unique path that will have no barriers or obstacles, that will not require any sacrifices, that will be incredibly easy to follow, and any tasks or goals will be solved and achieved with ease. Remember, we don’t come into this world to fight. We come to this world to enjoy life and unleash our full creative potential.

Finding yourself is a fascinating activity; it is a wonderful and exciting process of increasing awareness and self-identification. Perhaps the revelations in this book may come as a bit of shock to some, but I assure you that the discoveries I’ve made and you will also make, thanks to this book, will change your life forever and will most certainly help you find yourself, realize who you are and what is your purpose in life. You will gain new, remarkable knowledge about the laws and principles of the world around us, you will be able to choose that only right path for you and start transforming your life. After all, you are its only Creator!

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