My Biography

Denis Karasev is the leading expert in the CIS states and Middle East on the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program and public and private real estate investments in the United States. Ex-vice president, EB-5 at US Investment Company "The LCP Group". Co-owner and CEO of EB5.EXPERT since 2022

«You can invest thousands of dollars into advertising campaigns and do not get a result. One of the main principles of any immigration program is a transparency of all the actions for a client. Only the confidence of would-be immigrants, as well as competent, efficient and comprehensive consulting will eventually bear fruit».

“Life is an amazing journey that everyone makes. This way is special and like no others. This is the way of world exploring, the story of experience yourself in this Universe as a part of it. Whether life will be full of tragedies and troubles or it will be an exciting journey full of ups and opportunities, self - enrichment and the realization of creative potential — depends only on the person himself."


From the very first moment to the present day, my life is amazing. There were many rapid ups and awful falls, but each new stage gave me a huge layer of knowledge and experience. Over the years, it becomes obvious that even negative events are nothing more than an important part of the foundation on which I stand right now. There were many countries and professional spheres in my life. Every day of my life is filling me with discoveries and knowledge. However, the most valuable discoveries in my life are people. Each person carries a unique experience, amazing knowledge, and his or her own view of life. Every person in my life was a teacher. A teacher who gives me inspiration for new ideas, which fill me with new energy.

I face the future without any fear. I know for sure that the world in which I live is truly beautiful. The most valuable and beautiful thing in it is life itself. The supreme value is Life!

Our main mission is to explore this world, gain knowledge, perpetuate and multiply our life and share all these resources with people. Each of us should be a reliable and faithful partner for those who are already wend their way through life with me, and to help other people to wake up, to realize who they are, to find their Soul, to show them that there are no limits and boundaries to improve the quality of their lives.

Education and work experience

УзбекистанI was born in Tashkent (Republic of Uzbekistan) in a family of geologist and archaeologist. I have got two higher educations: historical and economic. After graduating from the university, I visited almost all of Central Asia, taking part in various archaeological and geological expeditions, took part in more than a hundred archaeological excavations, during which many amazing historical discoveries were made. Then I began to cooperate with foreign scientific and popular publishing houses. After several years of active work in expeditions and cooperation with publishing houses, I founded my own publishing house in Uzbekistan, which published books and literature on the history, ethnography, culture and art of Central Asia for tourists.

I founded the first independent international science, cultural and educational magazine "EPOCH" in Uzbekistan, which was popular in more than 34 countries around the world.

After several years, due to serious pressure on me and my business from the Uzbek government, I was forced to change my field of activity and with my family, I left the country. Having excellent skills in publishing, as well as in marketing and sales, I began to cooperation work with several European consulting companies from international investment field.

Middle East

United Arab EmiratesI moved to the United Arab Emirates after working with European companies. Over the years, I have worked with both private and institutional investors from Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, India and China, Russia and the CIS countries.

With my direct participation, many projects were developed in the Emirates, the United States and in some European countries. In the UAE, I also worked with more than 10 huge real estate agencies from the Emirates, USA, Australia, Spain. I have participated in many different investment forums, investment and real estate international exhibitions and I was a speaker at major investment seminars.

With my participation, more than 10 investment and real estate companies were founded. Now all of them successfully operating.

In the Emirates I learned about the US Government Investment and Immigration Program EB-5. Therefore, I became one of the country's leading experts in the field of investment in US commercial real estate under this program.


RussiaSince 2016, I have been living and working in Russia. Today I am the Managing Partner of the Russian representative office of one of the oldest and most successful American investment companies.

I am also the founder of the largest information Internet platform about the United States in Russian. During this time, I became one of the leading experts in Russia on the American investment program EB-5, and became a well-known American commercial real estate expert.

My vast life and business experience, communication with a different people in different countries and from various spheres of life have enriched me with knowledge that forms the basis of my books and motivates me to set up public activities aimed at improving lives of each person.

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