Real estate investment

"There are only two types of reliable investments, which can bring you progress, stability and capital growth: the first is investment in knowledge and second one is investment in real estate. These are the only two assets that are almost impossible to lose, and they always increase in value."

There are many types of investment in different sectors of the economy today. However, investments in the real estate is one of the most reliable choice. There are variety of real estate to invest in, of course. Choosing an investment project is the most serious step. If the object is chosen carefully, then your investment becomes not only a reliable investment, but also a steady source of income.

Investing in real estate will give you:
Money providing by fixed asset
Stable and high income
Confidence in your future and the future of your nearest
Hedge against inflation and falling exchange rates
Additional income from increasing the value of the object, not only from it’s operation
There is no need to control and manage your investment

For more than 12 years of working in real estate investment field, I got not only wealth of knowledge and worthwhile experiment, but also a crop of lies, myths and tales that this industry is full of.

Here are the main:
Real estate investment myths
Investing in real estate is financial black hole.
The process of money transferring will be difficult and slow, also you will need to prepare many documents.
It is difficult to exit from investment project.
There is a lot paperwork in real estate investment field.
It is very difficult to make the right choice of investment project, which will increase an income.
Heavy burden of taxation in investment projects.
It is necessary to manage the property by yourself.

All these and many other myths that exist in real estate investment sphere of are nothing more than fictions that appeared due to ignorance of the topic, or specially created for any, sometime mercenary motive.

The real estate sector can bring high income.

There are projects that turn into a big profit and become secure investment at the same time. Most real estate property doesn’t require personal management. The process of investing is as simple as possible. Moreover, today many deals are made online. In addition, there are many tax remission profitable investment projects and, of course, investment process does not require the personal presence of the investor.

Nowadays investing in real estate is a part of our day-to-day life. All over the world, millions of people are gladly investing their capital. However, in the territory of ex-USSR investment and especially investment in real estate still now sounds questionable and inexplicable. That’s why before working with each client from Russia and CIS states, I hold a detailed discussion of future investing process, choosing project and tools of investment. Moreover, yes, I do it for free.

Why investors enjoy working with me?
I don't persuade clients to invest in projects I work with. I explain how to do this correctly, and if the client interested in it, we start working.
For me, relationships and time is the most valuable things, so if we work together, we build relationships for many years. I stay with my client for the whole investment process, so my services, advice and suggestions are always reliable and long-term.
I have more than 12 years of experience and a successful stellar reputation in real estate investment field.
Over the past 12 years, I have successfully closed more than 35 different projects and dozens of different companies around the world.
More than 570 satisfied investors from 20 countries and none of them has lost their capital.
My clients have invested more than $65 million in projects that I have offered them.

To learn more about current investment real estate opportunities, investment amounts, barrier to entry, profitability, investment terms, legal and tax aspects of the process, please, send a request, and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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